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Unposted Letter (English)

Unposted Letter (English)
Unposted Letter (English)
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  • Author: Mahatria Ra
  • ISBN: 9788183225700
  • Booktype: HardCover
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‘Unposted Letters’ by Mahtria Ra is one of those books that aims to transcend all religions and castes, and touch the core of the readers in a profound way irrespective of their social position, status and the likes. ‘Unposted Letters’ is a spiritual and inspirational book that urges the readers to find happiness in every small things and feel the presence of God Almighty everywhere. By illustrating the simple with the powerful, this is a book that deals with knowledge and enlightenment and talks about Life as it is, about how it should be led that is bereft of any jealousy and wrath. Published by Manjul Publishing House, this book is available in hardcover.

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