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A Little Book Of Serenity

A Little Book Of Serenity
A Little Book Of Serenity
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  • Author: Ruskin Bond
  • ISBN: 9789386050298
  • Booktype: Paperback
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• Why you must pause, look up and out of the window. • Why a geranium flowering on the windowsill and wind soughing in the pines is serenity • How rain drumming on the roof can still the mind as effectively as a night of meditation • How to recognize serenity once you have achieved itThis gorgeous pocketbook collects some of Ruskin Bond’s wisest observations—as well as those of the thinkers he most admires—on a life of calm and how to live it. A Little Book of Serenity is perfect to dip into in moments of disquiet and of peace—and to share.

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