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A Little Book Of Beauty

A Little Book Of Beauty
A Little Book Of Beauty
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  • Author: Ruskin Bond
  • ISBN: 9789387693722
  • Booktype: HardCover
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The new title in the best-selling ‘Little Book’ series by India’s most beloved writer, Ruskin Bond. Where does beauty live? Where should we travel to find it? Is a dawn without birdsong still beautiful? What might we see through the branches of a cherry tree at night? Can we crave the rose if we fear its thorns? What does the heart have to do with beauty? Few writers anywhere have celebrated the beauty of the world, of all creatures great and small, as magically as Ruskin Bond has done. This little anthology brings together his own ideas and images of beauty and those of writers and thinkers he has read and liked. This pocketbook is a thing of quiet beauty.

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