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Author: Tony Saldanha
Former Procter & Gamble Vice President for IT and Shared Services, Tony Saldanha gives you the keys to a successful digital transformation: a proven five-stage model and a disciplined process for executing it.Digital transformation is more important than ever now that we’re in the Fourth Industr..
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Saying No to Jugaad is a riveting account of how the start-up ecosystem in India evolved rapidly in the last 10 years. Ushering in a new turn in the country's economy that shook up existing ways of doing business, start-ups brought together investors and a rare breed of entrepreneurs to create ..
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Author: Peter Lynch
Beating The Street is a rich knowledge bank, telling about how the finance and investment works in reality. Peter Lynch and John Rothchild are known to carry a vast experience in investment decisions and their book is ideal for those looking for acquiring big level of success in the stock markets. T..
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Author: Daymond John
Daymond John knows what it means to push yourself hard--and he also knows how spectacularly a killer work ethic can pay off. As a young man, he founded a modest line of clothing on a $40 budget by hand-sewing hats between his shifts at red Lobster. Today, his brand FUBU has over $6 billion in sales...
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Author: Louise Hay
‘You Can Heal Your Life’ is practical and insightful books which help in evaluating the do’s and don’ts of life. Your mind plays an important role in the well-being of the body. The book is appreciated by various people for its content. The writer provides guidance towards the right path to heal you..
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Author: Gary Douglas
"What if you were the best thing that ever happened on planet Earth? All the projections and expectations you've defined as meaningful are the things that keep you from being everything you are."Gary Douglas, in conversation with participants in a life-changing Access Consciousness(R) class, describ..
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Author: Sigmund Freud
Totem and Taboo' began life as four separate essays published by Sigmund Freud between 1912 and 1913. Freud was struck by the strong parallels between the behavior of neurotics, children and pre-literate tribal peoples (which he termed 'primitives'), and boldly extended his psycho-analytic theories ..
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Author: Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill's life changing philosophy of success, originally published in 1937, has sold millions of copies and changed just as many lives. His simple, revolutionary "13 Steps to Riches" form a philosophy of empowerment that will allow you to seize the life you want and achieve the success you've..
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Author: Adolf Hitler
In 1922, just four years after the war to end all wars, an unknown Austrian then living in Bavaria planned a pamphlet to be called Settling Accounts. In it he intended to attack the ineffectiveness of the dominant political parties in Germany which were opposed to the new National Socialists (Nazis)..
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Author: Henrik Ibsen
A DOLL'S HOUSE is a three-act play in prose by Henrik Ibsen. It premiered at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 21 December 1879. The play is significant for its critical attitude toward 19th century marriage norms.In 2006, A Doll's House held the distinction of being the world's most perf..
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Author: Sigmund Freud
An unabridged edition with the original and updated (1931) footnotes -..
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A continuation of the wildly successful best seller "Her", Pierre Alex Jeanty brings explosive emotion to "Her 2". This celebration of femininity and self-love also explores the woes of love. He offers warnings of the wrong types of attraction while encouraging healthy, fun, and devout relationships..
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Author: MR Amari Soul
For the women, it encourages you to recognize the true value of your love, to reevaluate your standards and to make the decision that you will no longer settle for anything less than someone who loves you, respects you, and truly makes you happy.For the men, this book will not only encourage you to ..
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Author: Carley Garner
In their quest for trading commodities profitably, beginning traders spend a substantial amount of time studying market theory, various types of market analysis, and paper-trading in the futures and options markets. Yet, almost all of them fail to take the necessary steps to ensure their trading env..
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Complete and unabridged 15th century text by Thomas à Kempis and translated by William Benham in 1886. This book is a classic for comfort and understanding of living the spiritual life of Christ in a physical world...
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With this book Immanuel Velikovsky first presented the revolutionary results of his 10-year-long interdisciplinary research to the public, founded modern catastrophism - based on eyewitness reports by our ancestors - shook the doctrine of uniformity of geology as well as Darwin's theory of evolution..
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Author: Andreq Murray
Originally titled: 'With Christ In the School of Prayer: Thoughts on Our Training for the Ministry of Intercession, ' to Include: Lord, Teach Us to Pray - In Spirit & Truth - Pray To Thy Father, Which Is In Secret - After This Manner Pray - Ask, & It Shall be Given You - How Much More? - How Much Mo..
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The proven business principles of Warren Buffett Warren Buffett is one of the most admired and prolific investors and managers in corporate America. Warren Buffett on Business is a timeless guide to strategies that can help you run a successful business. This book is a one-of-a-kind collection of Bu..
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Author: Sang H. Kim
Discusses vital point strikes for self-defense and combat sports. This book offers information about the type of techniques that work for vital point striking including a discussion of fighting zones and ranges, plexus strikes, stance and footwork, bodily weapons, and striking directions and angles...
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Author: Mj DeMarco
WHAT IF LIFE WASN'T ABOUT DECADES OF WAGE-SLAVERY, PAYING BILLS, AND THEN DYING? Today's contemporary slavery is an implied social contract whereas a gilded cage is exchanged for voluntary indebtedness and lifelong toil, a price sacrificed by a non-redeemable fifty-years of Monday through Friday, a ..
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