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Indian History

A Buddhist monk takes up arms to resist the Chinese invasion of Tibet - then spends the rest of his life trying to atone for the violence by hand printing the best prayer flags in India. A Jain nun tests her powers of detachment as she watches her best friend ritually starve herself to death. Nine p..
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Author: B R Ambedkar
This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. Therefore, you will see the original copyright references..
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Author: Ruchir Sharma
On the eve of a landmark general election, Ruchir Sharma offers an unrivalled portrait of how India and its democracy work, drawn from his two decades on the road chasing election campaigns across every major state, traveling the equivalent of a lap around the earth. Democracy on the Road ..
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Author: B.R Ambedkar
Annihilation of caste is an undelivered speech by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar which he later self-published in 1936. The subject of the speech was based on the harmful effects of casteism in the Hindu society. It was written to be used as the presidential address for the Jat-Pat Todak Mandal annual conference,..
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In 1930, the American historian and philosopher Will Durant wrote that Britain’s ‘conscious and deliberate bleeding of India… [was the] greatest crime in all history’. He was not the only one to denounce the rapacity and cruelty of British rule, and his assessment was not exaggerated. Almost thirty-..
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Author: Harsh Mander
There was one partition of the land in 1947. Harsh Mander believes that another partition is underway in our hearts and minds.How much of this culpability lies with ordinary people? What are the responsibilities of a secular government, of a civil society, and of a progressive majority? In Partiti..
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Yashwant Sinha is one of the fiercest, bravest and most well-respected critics of the Narendra Modi government. A former finance minister, he has seen first-hand and steered the country out of several crises, including the East Asian Crisis of 1997 and the sanctions that the US imposed on India in 1..
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Tamilnadu’s politics and culture befuddle outside observers. Ruled for half a century by two regional parties – DMK and AIADMK – its politics has been marked by language pride, non-Brahmin movement, caste-based reservation, regionalism, welfare populism and cinema. Despite the negative coverage it t..
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Plassey-Partition-After-History-Modern is ideal for UPSC aspirants. The Battle of Plassey is said to be one the pivotal point in deciding the fate of India as the battle proved East India company as victorious and displayed the weakness and lack of unity among Indian rulers. Thus this decisive battl..
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‘Nobody has done more harm to me . . . Than Jawaharlal Nehru,’ wrote Subhas Chandra bose in 1939.Had relations between the two great nationalist leaders soured to the extent that bose had begun to view nehru as his enemy? but then, why did he name one of the regiments of the Indian national army a..
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Essays on the enduring legacies of partitionThe dark legacies of partition have cast a long shadow on the lives of people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The borders that were drawn in 1947 and redrawn in 1971, divided not only nations and histories but also families and friends. The essays in ..
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This is the second edition of Madhyakaleen Bharat: Prashasan, Samaj evam Sanskriti [first edition published by Wisdom Prakashan, Allahabad in 2009], a textbook for UG and PG students of various Indian universities across northern region. This book is a narrative of medieval Indian history [8th to 13..
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Author: Geeta Vara
Ayurveda is the oldest known medical science, taking a total holistic approach to life and wellbeing. It brings equilibrium by diving deep into gut health and balancing the three energy forces known as 'doshas'. These doshas give rise to your unique physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. A..
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Aurangzeb Alamgir (r. 1658-1707), the sixth Mughal emperor, is widely reviled in India today. Hindu hater, murderer and religious zealot are just a handful of the modern caricatures of this maligned ruler. While many continue to accept the storyline peddled by colonial-era thinkers-that Aurangzeb, a..
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Author: Rana Safvi
‘Dilli dil hai Hindustan ka’.Through nuanced translations of four Urdu narratives spanning the period of turmoil that led to the Revolt of 1857 – and culminated in fall of the Mughal Empire - this compelling volume reveals the tragic and affecting story of a royalty in decline. Vividly documenting..
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Author: Scott C. Levi
‘Fills many gaps in our knowledge of India’s vibrant business past . . . highlights India’s pervasive role in the Silk Road’—Business Standard Caravans tells the fascinating story of countless Punjabi Khatri merchants who built great business empires through their ingenuity and spirit of adventure. ..
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Author: Hari D.K Hema
Bharat means to relish light- light of the Sun, light of knowledge. True to her name Bharat, India had been radiating light of knowledge. A radiance that enlightened the world and provided thought leadership. India is every sense of the word, had been a Giving civilization- giving both subtle knowle..
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Author: Hari D.K Hema
When you inspire, set trend and create opinion, you become a brand, a leader. India is a land that had not one, but many brands, which the world had craved for, was inspired by, had followed, had looked up to. The essence of the overall brand called "Bharat", was "to lead". What were the leads that ..
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Author: Hari D.K Hema
Knowledge comes to be only when it is "known". Know ledge gets to live, only when it is shared. India's name "Bharat" means, "to relish knowledge". India knew knowledge. India knew to relish and share knowledge. So, what did this Bharat, i.e. India, share with the world? Get to know the knowledge an..
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Author: Wendy Doniger
One of the world’s most acclaimed and engaging scholars of Hinduism presents a groundbreaking interpretation of ancient Indian texts and their historic influence on subversive resistance. Ancient Hindu texts speak of the three aims of human life: dharma, artha and kama. Translated, these might be ca..
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