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Author: Namita Arora
In his assured and sparkling prose, Namit Arora does for Silicon Valley what Tom Wolfe did for Wall Street in The Bonfire of the Vanities: with keen eye and sharp wit, he captures the culture and mores of the place. But Arora is funnier. And sweeter. Rare for a work of fiction, it reveals ..
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Author: Veronica Roth
The book is based on a captivating life story of Beatrice Prior. Her dystopian Chicago world has been divided into five factions such as Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful) and Erudite (the intelligent). Each faction is dedicated to cultivate a..
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Twilight (Twilight Saga) is written by Stephenie Meyer. The author of the book has released 4 novels annually from 2005 to 2008. The story is based on a teenage girl named Bella Swan who moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with Edward Cullen, who is a 104 year old vampire. The book has gain..
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Jeffrey Archer's Kane and Abel was a global phenomenon when it was first released, selling over one million copies in its first week of sale, and it has captivated readers worldwide ever since. They had only one thing in common . . . William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son..
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This 1985 crime fiction novel is the story of an ordinary woman who faces tough circumstances and metamorphoses into a different persona altogether. Tracy has a new job at a banking firm, a wealthy fiancé whose child she is carrying and high hopes from life. Just when everything appears seamless, he..
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Author: Paulo Coelho
Her only crime was to be an independent woman. When Mata Hari arrived in Paris she was penniless. Within months she was the most celebrated woman in the city. As a dancer, she shocked and delighted audiences; as a courtesan, she bewitched the era’s richest and most powerful men. But as par..
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Master storyteller Jeffrey Archer returns with Tell Tale, a collection of fourteen brilliant, fast-paced short stories, full of twists and turns and unforgettable characters. Gripping and addictive, this is Archer at his spellbinding best...
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Author: Paula Hawkins
"THE RUNAWAY SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER AND THRILLER OF THE YEAR'Really great suspense novel. Kept me up most of the night. The alcoholic narrator is dead perfect' STEPHEN KINGRachel catches the same commuter train every morning. She knows it will wait at the same signal each time, overlooking..
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Author: Oscar Wilde
“The soul is a Terrible reality. it can be bought And sold and bartered away.” Meet Dorian Gray, the beautiful young man with an impossibly charming face and spirit. as he sits for Basil Hallward—a deeply moral artist and a friend of the impish Lord Henry—who becomes obsessed with his beauty and wan..
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Author: Etaf Rum
A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice • A Washington Post 10 Books to Read in March • An Amazon Best Book of the Year • A Marie Claire Best Women’s Fiction of 2019 • A USA Today Best Book of the Week • A Washington Book Review&n..
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Author: Amitav Ghosh
Bundook. Gun. A common word, but one which turns Deen Datta's world upside down.A dealer of rare books, Deen is used to a quiet life spent indoors, but as his once-solid beliefs begin to shift, he is forced to set out on an extraordinary journey; one that takes him from India to Los Angeles and Veni..
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The Priory of the Orange Tree is written by Samantha Shannon. She is the New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author of the famous ‘The Bone Season’ series. This is the first book written by Samantha outside The Bone Season.This book is a high drama fantasy where a world is heading to war and..
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Author: O Henry
The O. Henry Short Story Collection - Volume I - Including The Gift Of The Magi and The Ransom Of Red Chief: The Last Of The Troubadours - The Sleuths - Witches' Loaves - The Pride Of The Cities - Holding Up A Train - Ulysses And The Dogman - The Champion Of The Weather - Makes The Whole World Kin -..
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Thirty-three years-old and recently divorced, Renée Néré has begun a new life on her own, supporting herself as a music-hall artist. Maxime, a rich and idle bachelor, intrudes on her independent existence and offers his love and the comforts of marriage. A provincial tour puts distance between them ..
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Author: Daniel Defoe
"But now I come to a new scene of my life. It happened one day, about noon, going towards my boat, I was exceedingly surprised with the print of a man's naked foot on the shore, which was very plain to be seen on the sand. I stood like one thunderstruck, or as if I had seen an apparition." - excerpt..
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2018 Reprint of 1954 Edition. In this book St. Louis De Monfort explains the rosary and its power in short sections called Roses, each being about one or two pages long. Each Rose discusses a separate aspect of the Rosary and is addressed to a different cross section of the audience, ..
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Author: Hermann Hesse
"An Existentialist intensity and a depth of understanding rare in contemporary fiction."A Classic Novel About the Pursuit of Personal FulfillmentA brilliant psychological portrait of a troubled young man's quest for self-awareness..
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Author: James Joyce
THE DEAD is the final short story in the 1914 collection Dubliners by James Joyce. It is the longest story in the collection and is often considered the best of Joyce's shorter works.The story centres on Gabriel Conroy on the night of the Morkan sisters' annual dance and dinner in the first week of ..
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Author: Sigmund Freud
2009 reprint of 1922 edition. Beyond the Pleasure Principle marked a turning point and a major modification of Freud's previous theoretical approach. Before this essay, Freud was understood to have placed the sexual instinct, Eros, centre stage, in explaining the forces which drive us to act. In 192..
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This book employs the comparative method to understand societal collapses to which environmental problems contribute to the common youth and society as a whole. In his writing, Robert M. Drake hauntingly describes the issues we are all facing today. We all are broken and broken is its own kind of be..
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