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Ministry Of Hurt Sentiments

Ministry Of Hurt Sentiments
Ministry Of Hurt Sentiments
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  • Author: Altaf Tyrewala
  • ISBN: 9789351771777
  • Booktype: Paperback
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It is exciting to see a serious writer work in a new form ... Tyrewala powers the reader through the phenomenon of Mumbai rage, erupting with breathtaking speed and vigour at everything from traffic to beggars to the over-sweetness of "cutting" chai.' -Mint 'It is fluent, fluid, image-rich. The writer wanders the streets of Mumbai with every sense sharpened, observing, watching, absorbing and then drawing pictures that readers will recognize almost instantly.' -The Hindu 'The clever use of catch phrases and the overall insistence of its rhythm are reminiscent of the best slam poets. Tyrewala is that rare Indian writer who's pitch-perfect while dealing in street speech patterns and equally at ease with a broader, cross-cultural idiom.' -The Sunday Guardian 'A gripping work that presents Mumbai like the paradox it is. Tyrewala examines the sores on our collective conscience with unbearable clarity.' -Hindustan Times

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