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Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence

Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence
Focus: The Hidden Driver Of Excellence
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  • Author: Daniel Goleman
  • ISBN: 9789382951797
  • Booktype: Paperback
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About The Book Renowned psychologist, Daniel Goleman, has been actively involved in searching for something fresh and relevant in the world of human sciences. Focus: The Hidden Driver of Experience is a powerful guide into the much-overlooked mental asset, focus, which is crucial for an individual to provide direction to their life. Goleman goes on to explain that ‘attention' works like a muscle in many ways. If used properly, it will grow; otherwise, it would wither away. He then tells the readers that in a time of unstoppable distractions, individuals need to increase their focus to sustain in this world, let alone flourish. He then classifies attention research into three categories, which include inner, outer and other focus. Goleman goes on to talk about why achievers need to possess all the three types of focus, which is displayed by several case studies from fields such as arts, business, education and sports. Goleman explains that those who succeed in life rely on smart practices such as mindfulness, meditation, mental prosthetics, focused preparation and positive emotions and connections. Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence concludes by telling the readers to pay attention to turn their attention to the issues faced worldwide, not just their own demands. This paperback edition of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence was published in 2013, by Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited.

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