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Accelerating Performance

Accelerating Performance
Accelerating Performance
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  • Author: Colin Price
  • ISBN: 9788126572052
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Transform your organization into a dynamic catalyst for success accelerating performance is not just another “warm and fuzzy” change management book it's a practical, comprehensive, data-driven action plan for picking up the pace and achieving more. Co-written by one of the authors of beyond performance, this book draws on a combination of empirical research and decades of experience advising global companies to show you how to reduce time to value by building and changing momentum more quickly than your competitors. The meta framework (short for mobilize, execute and transform with agility) offers advice for leading change at four levels, strategy, the organization, teams and individuals. In addition to step-by-step guidance toward assessment, planning and implementation, the book offers, a diagnostic tool for leaders, teams and organizations to assess their starting place and highlight the specific areas needed to improve the ability to accelerate performance. A detailed look at the factors proven to create drag and drive at each of the four levels, strategy, organizations, teams and individuals. An exploration of the 39 differentiating actions that organizations can combine as dictated by their strategy and context into a winning recipe. A closer look at the practices of 23 “super accelerators, ” a global (and perhaps unexpected) mix of companies that have demonstrated a consistent ability to accelerate performance. A single taste of success is all it takes to spark change, but the hard work of following through requires constant vigilance and a plan. Learn how to capture that drive, bottle it and use it to sustain motivation, inspiration and achievement. Deliver at the highest level and then turn around and do even better next time. Accelerating performance gives leaders a step-by-step framework for taking action and transforming their organizations, teams and even themselves starting today.

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