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Educated (Lead Title)

Educated (Lead Title)
Educated (Lead Title)
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  • Author: Tara Westover
  • ISBN: 9780099511021
  • Booktype: Paperback
  • MRP:₹499
  • Booklane Price ₹449
  • Effective Price: ₹135


Educated is a book that revolves around the importance of education, the book has been awarded ‘Book of the year’ in multiple forums and remains one of the most renowned books of our time.

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So until next Monday you can avail this offer and read this book at the cheapest cost. To make the deal better you can return this book after reading and get INR329 money back to your bank account. What more can you ask for order the Educated now!!!

Goodreads reviews for Educated (Lead Title)

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