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Tanushree Podder

Nur Jahan ruled Hindustan from behind the Mughal throne for sixteen years. Her story is one of wonder and awe and she is the delight of historians and writers the world over. In this historical novel, Tanushree Poddar explores the life of her forgotten daughter, Laadli, who found herself trapped in ..
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Ramola withdrew from the public eye at the peak of her stardom, choosing a life of quiet anonymity over the glamour of the silver screen. Surrounded by retired couples spending their twilight years gardening and gossiping, Ramola s life is idyllic.Or at least it was, till the night of her birthday..
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The small and peaceful hill town of Ramsar wakes up to mysterious break-ins on two consecutive days. While the first one takes place at the local doctor's clinic, the second is at the residence of the town's latest and most affluent resident - Shekhar Sharma. Inexplicably, nothing has been stolen in..
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