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S. D. Ambatkar

Thermal Engineering - Tech Knowledge Publications by S.D. Ambatkar for Second Year Engineering Diploma Semester 3 for Mechanical/Production Engineering/Production Technology (ME/PG/PT). UNIT:1 (Chapter 1)Fundamentals of ThermodynamicsUNIT:II (Chapter 2)Ideal Gases and Ideal Gas ProcessesUNIT..
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Power Engineering & Refrigeration - Tech Knowledge Publications by S.D. Ambatkar for Third Year Engineering Diploma Semester 5 for Mechanical Engineering Group (ME). UNIT:1 (Chapter 1)Internal Combustion EnginesUNIT:II (Chapter 2)Testing of IC Engines and Emission ControlUNIT-III (C..
  • Booklane Price: ₹175
  • MRP: ₹175
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