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Leena R. Mehta

Principles of Electronics Communication by Leena R. Mehta for Second Year Diploma, Semester 3 for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering/Electronics/Electronics and Communication Engineering/Electronics Engineering and Electronics and Communication Technology. (EJ/ET/EN/EX/EQ)   Table of..
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Mobile Communication & Computing by Leena R. Mehta for Fourth Year Engineering Degree, Semester 7 for Computer Engineering.Chapter 1: Introduction to Mobile Computing Chapter 2: GSM Fundamentals Chapter 3: Mobile Networking Chapter 4: Wireless Local Area Networ..
  • MRP: ₹215
Mobile & Wireless Communication by Leena R. Mehta for Third Year Engineering Diploma, Semester 5 for Electronics Engineering Program Group (DE/EJ/ET/EN/EX/EQ/IS/IC).Unit-1: Wireless Communication System (Chapter-1) Unit-II: Fundamentals of Cellular System ..
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Principles of Communications - Tech Neo Publications by Leena R. Mehta for Second Year Engineering Degree, Semester 3 for Information Technology. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Fourier Transform and Noise Chapter 3: Modulation and Demodulation (AM and FM) ..
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