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Author: Mahesh Mali
Database Management System - Tech Knowledge Publications by Mahesh Mali for Third Year Engineering Degree, Semester 5 for Computer Engineering/ Electronics Engineering.Module No 1: (Chapter 1and 2)Introduction Database ConceptsModule No 2: (Chapter 3)Entity-Re..
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Dynamics of Machinery - Tech Knowledge Publications by Dr. F.B. Sayyad for Third Year Engineering Degree, Semester 5 for Mechanical Engineering.Module No 1: (Chapter 1and 2)Governors and GyroscopesModule No 2: (Chapter 3)Static and Dynamic Force AnalysisDynami..
  • Booklane Price: ₹435
  • MRP: ₹435
Advanced Networking Technologies - Tech Neo Publications by Farhan Shaikh, Shaikh Mohd Ashfaque for Fourth Year Engineering Degree, Semester 7 for Electronics Engineering.Chapter 1: Wireless LAN and WAN TechnologiesChapter 2: Emerging Wireless Technologie..
  • Booklane Price: ₹100
  • MRP: ₹100
Discrete-Time Signal Processing - Tech Neo Publications by R. A. Barapate for Third Year Engineering Degree Semester 5 for Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.Module No I.0: (Chapter 1and 2) Discrete Fourier Transform & Fast Fourier TransformModule No 2.0..
  • Booklane Price: ₹365
  • MRP: ₹365
Theory of Reinforced Concrete Structures - Tech Neo Publications by Indrajeet M. Jain for Fourth Year Engineering Degree, Semester 7 for Civil Engineering.Chapter 1: Working Stress MethodChapter 2: Limit State MethodChapter 3: Limit State of Collapse-Flex..
  • Booklane Price: ₹275
  • MRP: ₹275
Renewable Energy & Energy Storage - Tech Neo Publications by P.G. Jamdade, S.G. Jamdade for Third Year Engineering Degree Semester 5 for Electrical Engineering.Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Solar EnergyChapter 3: Wind EnergyChapter 4: Fuel CellChapter 5: Utilization of Ot..
  • Booklane Price: ₹145
  • MRP: ₹145
Principles of Communications - Tech Neo Publications by Leena R. Mehta for Second Year Engineering Degree, Semester 3 for Information Technology. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Fourier Transform and Noise Chapter 3: Modulation and Demodulation (AM and FM) ..
  • Booklane Price: ₹165
  • MRP: ₹165
Author: U.S. Shah
Digital Logic Design & Analysis - Tech Neo Publications by U.S. Shah for Second Year Engineering Degree, Semester 3 for Computer Engineering. Chapter 1: Number Systems Chapter 2: Codes Chapter 3: Boolean algebra and Logic Gates Chapter 4: Logic Minimizatio..
  • Booklane Price: ₹385
  • MRP: ₹385
Utilization of Electrical Energy - Tech Neo Publications by Dr. D. M. Patel, P.G. Jamdade for Third Year Engineering Degree Semester 5 for Electrical Engineering.Chapter 1: Power FactorChapter 2: Electric TractionChapter 3: Electric Traction Motors and ControlsChapter 4: Electric..
  • Booklane Price: ₹125
  • MRP: ₹125
Author: V.K.Kumawat
Environmental Engineering - I - Tech Neo Publications by V.K. Kumawat for Third Year Engineering Degree, Semester 5 for Civil Engineering.Chapter 1: Water Supply and Distribution of WaterChapter 2: Quality of WaterChapter 3: Water TreatmentChapter 4: Building Water..
  • Booklane Price: ₹175
  • MRP: ₹175
Electronic Devices And Circuits - I - Tech Neo Publications by Prof. G Vakil for Second Year Engineering Degree, Semester 3 for Electronics Engineering.Chapter 1: PN JunctionChapter 2: Clippers and ClampersChapter 3: Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)Chapter 4:..
  • Booklane Price: ₹315
  • MRP: ₹315
Data Compression and Encryption - Tech Knowledge Publications by J.S.Katre, Pravin Goyal for Third Year Engineering Degree, Semester 5 for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.Module 1Introduction to Data Compression (Chapter 1)Module 2Imag..
  • Booklane Price: ₹265
  • MRP: ₹265
Author: R.B. Patil
Machine Design -II- Tech Knowledge Publications by R.B. Patil for Fourth Year Engineering Degree, Semester 7 for Mechanical Engineering.SYLLABUS Module:1 (Chapter 1,2, 3 and 4)Design of GearsModule:2 (Chapter 5)Rolling Contact BearingsModule:3 (Ch..
  • Booklane Price: ₹360
  • MRP: ₹360
Author: J.S.Katre
TV & Video Engineering- Tech Knowledge Publications by J.S.Katre for Third Year Engineering Degree, Semester 5 for Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.Fundamentals of TV Systems (Chapter 1)Module 2Colour Television (Chapter 2)Module 3Digital Video (Chapter 3)..
  • Booklane Price: ₹255
  • MRP: ₹255
Author: J.S.Katre
Electronics Devices and  Circuits -I - Tech Knowledge Publications by J.S.Katre for Second Year Engineering Degree, Semester 3 for Electronics Engineering.SYLLABUS Module 1PN Junction Diode Analysis and Applications (Chapter 1 and 2)Module 2Bipolar ..
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  • MRP: ₹375
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