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Author: George Gamow
A distinguished physicist and teacher, George Gamow also possessed a special gift for explaining the intricacies of science. Here he takes an enlightening look at three scientists whose work unlocked many of the mysteries behind the laws of physics: Galileo, the first to examine closely the process ..
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Quick Facts for NCLEX(R) RN / LPN with Pharmacology is by far our best-selling NCLEX(R) Study Guide and the foundation of the ReMar Review Comprehensive Self Study Program! This study guide is designed to give you Core Content in a simple, easy to understand, "no nonsense" structure that will help y..
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Algorithms are the heart and soul of computer science. Their applications range from network routing and computational genomics to public-key cryptography and machine learning. Studying algorithms can make you a better programmer, a clearer thinker, and a master of technical interviews. Algorithms I..
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Author: Nikola Tesla
Part philosophical ponderings on humanity's relationship to the universe, part scientific extrapolation on what technological advancement might bring to that understanding, this long essay, first published in Century Illustrated Magazine in June 1900, is yet another example of the genius of Serbian ..
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This book is a complete volume of Newton's mathematical principles relating to natural philosophy and his system of the world. Newton, one of the most brilliant scientists and thinkers of all time, presents his theories, formulas and thoughts. Included are chapters relative to the motion of bodies; ..
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The Large Scale Structure Of Space–Time (Cambridge Monographs Of Mathematical Physics) is a scientific exploration of the General Theory of Relativity as postulated by Sir Albert Einstein. The authors, S W Hawking and G F R Ellis, have come together to highlight and discover the expanse of the Unive..
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Teaching young children about body boundaries, both theirs and others, is crucial to a child's growing sense of self, their confidence and how they should expect to be treated by others. A child growing up knowing they have a right to their own personal space, gives that child ownership and choices ..
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George Polya was a Hungarian mathematician. He wrote this, perhaps the most famous book of mathematics ever written, second only to Euclid's "Elements". "Solving problems", wrote Polya, "is a practical art, like swimming, or skiing, or playing the piano: You can learn it only by imitation and practi..
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Author: Todd Hoff
What is the cloud? Discover the secrets of the cloud through simple explanations that use lots of pictures and lots of examples.Why learn about the cloud? It's the future. The cloud is the future of software, the future of computing, and the future of business. If you're not up on the cloud the fu..
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An unabridged, digitally enlarged edition to include an epilogue by the author...
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Author: John A Read
From the author of the bestselling book 50 Things to See with a Small Telescope, this colorful edition explores the constellations with young readers, guiding them to dozens of galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. Every page features a helpful "telescope view", showing exactly how objects appear th..
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Author: Dr S Steele
This book is an invaluable guide for pathology trainees preparing for the FRCPath Part 1 examination (UK). The book contains 625 multiple choice questions of single best answer and extended matching type; organized into 5 mock examinations. Answers and explanations are supplied for each question. Th..
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Author: Lucy Adams
HR has lost its way and needs to find a new direction.The central question this book sets out to answer is: if we are to survive and thrive in this new, volatile business world, how do we lead, manage, engage and support our employees in a radically different way?HR departments, and companies, need ..
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This excellent self-study book for intense IELTS preparation in a few weeks is designed to help students achieve their best personal score. All the tips, techniques, strategies and advice are focused on maximizing students' score by increasing their task-solving speed and efficiency, and preventing ..
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THE TRACTATUS LOGICO-PHILOSOPHICUS is the only book-length philosophical work published by the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in his lifetime. The project had a broad aim - to identify the relationship between language and reality and to define the limits of science - and is recognize..
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"There is an enemy. There is an intelligent, active, malign force working against us. Step one is to recognize this. This recognition alone is enormously powerful. It saved my life, and it will save yours." -- Steven Pressfield Could you be getting in your way of producing great work? Have you start..
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Author: Victor Cheng
Cheng, a former McKinsey management consultant, reveals his proven, insider'smethod for acing the case interview...
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A masterpiece in the art of clear and concise writing, and an exemplar of the principles it explains...
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Author: Nikola Tesla
An Unabridged Edition with All 6 Chapters to include: My Early Life - How Tesla Conceived the Rotary Magnetic Field - The Discovery of the Tesla Coil & Transformer..
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