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Programming With Python - I - Tech Knowledge Publications by Sachin A. Thanekar, Manisha S. Abhyankar, Rasika Mundhe for F.Y. B.Sc. Comp, Semester 1.Unit I: • Reason for Python as the learner’s first programming language………..Unit II: • Advantages of functions function parameters, formal p..
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Free and Open - Source Software - Tech Knowledge Publications by Jasmeet Kaur Ghai, Kamini S. Patil, Priyanka Bhoite for F.Y. B.Sc. Comp, Semester 1.Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Case StudiesChapter 3: Understanding the Open Source EcosystemAppendix A (April 2017 & October 2017)..
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Communication Skills - Tech Neo Publications by Manisha N. Jangale, Soni Shende for Semester 1 for First Year B.Sc. IT.Chapter 1: The Seven C’s of Effective CommunicationChapter 2: Understanding Business CommunicationChapter 3: Writing Business Message and DocumentsChapter 4: Developing Oral Communi..
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Database Systems - Tech Neo Publications by Pankaj B. Brahmankar, Kavita M. Chouk for First Year B.Sc. Comps. Semester 1.UNIT-I: (Chapter 1and 2)Introduction to DBMSData ModelsEntity Relationship ModelRelational Data ModelER to TableUNIT-II: (Chapter 3 and 4)Schema Refinement and..
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Computer Organization & Design - Tech Neo Publications by Gauri G. Vartak, Priyanka R. Brid for First Year B.Sc. Comps. Semester 1.UNIT-I: (Chapter 1and 2)Computer Abstractions and TechnologyLogic Circuits and FunctionsUNIT-II: (Chapter 3)Instruction Set ArchitecturesUNIT-III..
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Computer Organization and Design - Tech Knowledge Publications by Prabhudutta Ray, Smita S. Sawant, Rafiya Ernical for First Year B.Sc. Comps. Semester 1. Chapter 1: Computer Abstraction and Technology Chapter 2: Instruction Set Architectures Chapter 3: Basic Processor Unit..
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Database Systems - Tech Knowledge Publications by Mahesh Mali, Smruti Nanavaty, Megha Sawant for First Year B.Sc. Comps. Semester 1. UNIT:1 (Chapter 1 to 5)Introduction to DBMS Data Models Entity Relationship Model Relational Data Model ER to TableUNIT:II (Chapter 6 to 9..
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Discrete Mathematics - Tech Knowledge Publications by Rajiv M. Pathak, Rahul J. Abhang for First Year B.Sc. Comps. Semester 1.UNIT:1 (Chapter 1,2 and 3)Recurrence Relations Functions Relations Recurrence RelationsUNIT:II (Chapter 4,5 and 6)Counting Principles, Language and ..
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Imperative Programming - Tech Knowledge Publications by Smruti Nanavaty, Deepali M Deshmukh, Dimple Bavlecha, Pankaj R. Chandre for First Year B.Sc. IT. Semester 1.UNIT-IIntroduction FundamentalsUNIT-IIOperators and Expressions Data Input and OutputUNIT-IIIConditio..
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Discrete Mathematics - Tech Knowledge Publications by Bhupendra Kesaria, Rajiv M. Pathak for First Year B.Sc. IT. Semester 1.UNIT-I Chapter-1: Introduction Chapter-2: Set Theory Chapter-3: The Logic of Compound Statements UNIT-II Chapter-4: Quantified Statements Chapter-5: E..
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Communication Skills - Tech Knowledge Publications by Nuzhat N. Khan, Madhuvanti A. Date for First Year B.Sc. IT. Semester 1. UNIT-I Chapter-1: The Seven Cs of Effective Communication Chapter-2: Understanding Business Communication UNIT-II Chapter-3: Writing Business Message..
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Author: J.S.Katre
Digital Electronics - Tech Knowledge Publications by J.S.Katre for First Year B.Sc. IT. Semester 1.UNIT-INumber System (Chapter-1 & 2) Binary Arithmetic (Chapter 3)UNIT-IIBoolean Algebra and Logic Gates (Chapter 4) Minterm, Maxterm and Karnaugh Maps (Chapter 5)UNIT-II..
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Descriptive Statistics & Introduction To Probability - Tech Neo Publications by Santosh R.Mitkari, Balasaheb B. Gadekar, Swapnal Shinde, Mahesh V. Ghotkar for First Year B.Sc. Comp. Semester 1. Chapter-1: Data Presentation Chapter-2:  Moments Chapter-3: Probability..
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