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About Us

Booklane is an E-Commerce platform that facilitates academic and leisure readers not only to buy books but also sell those books back to Booklane.

Booklane plans to deal in both new and used books (second-hand books) to make sure that our readers have the option to sell off the books that they don’t use. This will also reduce the carbon footprint by saving numerous trees by selling the books that they do not use.
Booklane will bring in second-hand books on the platform using the Booklane buy-back programme, all the books sold on this platform can be sold to booklane at attractive rates. Users will have two options for buy-back credit:

Booklane Store Credit: Store credit can be used on our platform for purchase. If users select this option they will get 70% of the book cost as buy-back credit.

INR in account: Booklane will credit the amount in a users bank account. If users select this option they will get 60% of the book cost as buy-back credit. Booklane store credit can be withdrawn/transferred to user’s bank account any time.
The business aims to be the ultimate online shop for all sorts of books. The website will be initially launched in Mumbai and plans to be available pan India in near future.
Booklane will have all genres across fiction and non-fiction. The primary aim of the website is to have all the best sellers in all languages to be on our platform. Booklane will also have academic books for all educational courses.
The website aims to cut various cost centers between publisher and end reader, this will make sure that the reader gets a fair price and will create an alternate sales channel for publishers. The website will also cater to other aspects of reading as and when an opportunity arrives.

Booklane also stands for following social and environmental causes:

Environmental: Based on our research over 70% of readers don’t read again or reuse the books owned by them. Booklane will provide a chance to save numerous trees that will be saved by our second-hand book section. Booklane is committed to saving trees, we strongly believe that Earth’s green cover is our gift to the next generation.

Social: We strongly believe that every Indian should have access to reading/education, we will make sure that a part of our revenue is donated to NGO dedicated to this work.