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About Buyback

Booklane with this buy-back is bringing a dream come true for all readers. As currently, the readers are forced to buy costly books even if they only plan to read the book only once. This situation has lead to a massive circulation of pirated or duplicate copies. Booklane with its revolutionary buy-back programme is solving this problem.

Booklane is all about convenience, we are not trying to run a bookstore either are we running a library. We want to provide the convenience of options to the user.

What is the process?

Step 1: Select a book on our website, at great discounts. Select if you want the new or used book.

Step 2: We deliver the book to you at your comfort.

Step 3: Avail buy-back and sell the book back to booklane at an attractive rate,

Step 4: We will collect the book from your address at your convenience or if you want to own the book keep it.

So Booklane is not forcing the user to own the book like bookstores nor is it forcing you to return the books like a library. We are giving our users options.

Users become the owner of the books as soon as they buy the book from booklane, once they are done reading they have the following options:

Loved the book: Own it you don’t have to inform us you don’t have to pay extra. You can just keep the books.

One time read: That’s fine as you can avail booklane buy-back and sell the book back to booklane and get up to 70% of the cost back.

What will be our buy-back price and how will the money be credited?

So here it gets interesting, we have 2 types of return:

Booklane Store Credit: We will buy the book back for 70% of the cost if you select to take the buy-back as Booklane store credit. You can use these credit in your future purchases.

Cashback in INR: We will buy the book for 60% if you select to take the cash back in INR. The money will be transferred to your account within 10 working days.

Period (Number of days)

Store Credit (% of the cost)

INR (% of the cost)

Upto 30



Upto 60



Note: Buy-back facility is only valid upto 60 days from the date of delivery. If the buy-back request is raised after 60 days Booklane reserves the right to accept or reject the request.

The buy-back facility for academic books (engineering textbooks, reference books, etc) will vary, please refer to the particular product details page for more details.

We are absolutely transparent about this process, even if you select booklane store credit you can later choose to withdraw the credit in form of INR by transferring the same to your bank account. The conversion will be made as 70 store credit will be INR 60.

Following are the advantages of using booklane:

  • We are saving trees by reusing or reselling the books that we buy-back using this programme. Booklane stands for the mission of saving trees, we strongly recommend our users to buy the used books. Booklane will guarantee the quality of these books.

  • Savings: Our users can read books at 30% of the cost.

  • Booklane believes that by bringing down the effective cost of reading a book, we will promote reading as a habit especially amongst the youth for whom cost is a big factor. We believe that cost should not be a reason for someone to shy away from reading a good book. We believe that our society and country at large can progress through reading.

  • Piracy or duplicate books: Booklane is committed to only sell original books on the website. By reducing the effective cost of the book to 30% of the cost, we can stop piracy of books.