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Booklane presents to you the Booklane Buyback, the innovative and new solution to the problems faced by every book lover. Currently, all book lovers are forced to buy costly books even if they only plan to read the book only once. This situation has led to a massive circulation of pirated or duplicate copies. Booklane with its revolutionary buyback program is solving this problem.

Online Bookstore | Booklane

Online Book Shopping Made Easy one of the biggest online bookstore in India facilitating online shopping of best books available in the market. On Booklane you can find fiction books, non-fiction books, History books, Academic books, Action and adventure books, crime mystery books, Indian History books, World war books, World History books, Political Science books, Biographies, Self-Help books, and Motivation books, etc.

Booklane also has huge academic collections like engineering books, Bsc books, Diploma books, Junior College books, reference books, etc. In professional degrees like engineering, BSc and Diploma booklane has books for all the years, all specializations and all subjects.

Booklane wants to serve every type of reader. We understand each one of us has a different perspective towards the reading books, for some, it is purely leisure, for some it is knowledge, few just want to read because they enjoy reading. Booklane wants to serve them all hence we have a very simple to use website using which you can buy books online. The books are delivered to your door.

Booklane has a very unique Booklane’s Buyback, The Buy Read Return feature which makes us different from all other online book shopping sites and even the brick and mortar store. Under this unique feature, you can return the books after reading and get 70% money back. You can choose to take the money back to the bank account or booklane wallet. So the effective cost of the book comes down to just 20 to 30% of MRP as you already get a discount on books and then get 70% money back on returning it.

Booklane is all about convenience, we are not trying to run a bookstore neither are we running a library. We want to provide the convenience of options to the user.

What is the process?
Step 1: Select a book on our website, at great discounts. Select if you want the new or used book.

Step 2: We deliver the book to you at your comfort. We also have Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment method.

Step 3: Avail buy-back and sell the book back to booklane at an attractive rate,

Step 4: We will collect the book from your address at your convenience or if you want to own the book keep it.

Returning or keeping the book is totally your choice if you don’t want to return the book, you can keep the book. The customer gets the power to choose. The books returned by you are again sold as secondhand books on our site. It will lead to the circular pattern of the economy leading to the conservation of natural resources like trees but also save you a lot of money.

To serve you better, we have On request Feature. If you can’t find a particular book on our website, you can fill an On Request form with just the basic details of the book and we will do our best to get that book for you as soon as possible.

We want to revolutionize the online book shopping experience. Hence we are bringing to you handpicked books collection like:

Top 20 Books: These are the list of top 20 books handpicked by our experts and sources like GoodReads, NY times bestsellers, blogs, etc. We update this list every month. Go to now.

Trending Books: Everyone wants to read the most discussed, most happening, trending books. Booklane helps you with this list to stay ahead of the curve. Go to now.

Booklane also regularly runs book offers and discounts on the best books written by a few of the best authors. To know more keep visiting or follow on and

Come to booklane and experience the all-new age of Online Book Shopping where convenience and savings are guaranteed.

We hope you like the booklane, online book shopping experience. If you have any queries contact us on or email us on or SMS and WhatsApp on Booklane support on +91 81045 24933.